Anti Bedroom Tax campaign by LSE and HA’s is a joke

If you ever thought that academics and housing people don’t know their arse from their elbows then today’s launch of a supposed anti bedroom tax campaign from the London School of Economics proves that point.

What idiots signed off on this campaign from the world of academia and of social housing?

If you are a bedroom tax tenant don’t go anywhere near this farce.

Where do I begin with this joke of a campaign by the respected London School of Economics?

Let’s start with the logo they use:



Two bedrooms in the above schematic which measure 164 square feet and 125 square feet for starters!  Note well I say “bedroom” not room as these are bedrooms and never mere rooms.  And how many social tenants have a living room of 21 feet 4 inches by 18 feet 6 inches too – a mere 395 square feet!!

Then this purported anti bedroom tax campaign opens with:

Today, an estimated 600,000 of the lowest earning people in the UK are paying the “bedroom tax”, an average of £14 a week covering the shortfall between their housing benefit and rent.

Oh dear!

The official figures released 4 weeks ago show:


Source: DWP official statistics Table 3 Cells G8 & H8 here

Straight away this entire ‘campaign’ is thoroughly discredited as its figures are so way off.  This campaign is as shoddy as can be given the numbers affected are exaggerated by a mere 143,041 households or 24 per cent – wow academic rigour has certainly changed since I was at University!

Even the average £14 per week bedroom tax deduction claimed is 9% and 9% BELOW the actual official figures which are (a) easily obtained and available and (b) again show the academic rigour of a Labour leadership vote counting contest!

The campaign asks for tenants to get involved and wishes to release a new bedroom tax ‘story’ each week.  A worthy yet fruitless aim because of the appalling ineptitude and rigour above and only sets the bedroom tax tenant up to fail by increasing their hope.

This campaign is a joke and thoroughly discredited by the appalling ineptitude as above and the quite disgraceful attention to detail and fact it shows from the outset.

It is funded by housing associations and while those HAs involved are generally the good guys of the housing sector and known for their public opposition to the pernicious bedroom tax, what they have paid for is a joke.

I am not going to waste any more of my time telling you just how inept this is; all I can say is the bedroom tax affected tenant shouldn’t touch this with a bargepole.


UPDATE 12:15

In response to my legitimate criticism we see the LSE trying to disown any part in this farce on Twitter:

case denial

Just in case you may think that CASE is not a part of London School of Economics why not look on LSE site as the screenshot below reveals:


How about the this is not supported by any Housing Association argument? Let’s look what the “Spare Room” site says in the About section

lse-nat housing association

And just who is this National Housing ASSOCIATION?

I gather this shoddiest, slapdashiest campaign is referring to the National Housing FEDERATION.

If this campaign (ahem!) is not funded by the housing associations above then it is clearly supported by them given they have allowed their logos and names to be used in this damaging pig’s earhole of a report and they all need to disassociate themselves from it asap.

The Chief Executives of the 3 housing associations mentioned above have all repeatedly been publicly vocal against the pernicious bedroom tax and will suffer for that.  The LSE needs to apologise to those housing associations.

However what angers me is this ‘campaign’ which is given credibility by the (previously well-regarded) LSE involvement fundamentally works against challenging the bedroom tax and shafts the tenants affected by it.

Now we see the LSE spinning like crazy to save their own arse and couldn’t give a stuff about shafting the bedroom tax tenant!  The LSE researcher has been given LSE backing by the publication of this report and by the promotion of it on its own website.

The LSE is seeking to blame anyone but itself for massively damaging the challenge to the bedroom tax and damaging the cause of the many vulnerable and shafted social tenants who have co-operated in this and that is quite simply a fucking disgrace.

Shame on you!

The LSE needs to take responsibility and needs to restore its own reputation by withdrawing this campaign immediately, correcting its huge schoolboy errors and re-publishing after it has had the academic rigour it deserves: Yet it appears the LSE is only interested in its own backside covering damage control.







11 thoughts on “Anti Bedroom Tax campaign by LSE and HA’s is a joke

  1. living rooms in social housing tend to be about 14ft by 10ft sort of size. in fact the entire lenght and width of my house is 21ft by 18ft and that is considered large. ive viewed many 2 beds which are 15ft by 18 ft for the total lenght and width of the house. so yes it is beyond farcical to think tenants have such massive living rooms. hope they sort it out to reflect reality more. i did read the featured tenants stories and they were sad reality.

  2. The whole thing is a total farce………. And, a pointless exercise.
    I have read every story on the referenced website. The likes of which can be read on all Facebook groups on a daily basis.
    They are giving no advise. Such as they have the right to appeal.
    And, what exactly, are they going to do with all these ‘stories’??

    Present them to all MP’s Etc.?? The politicians involved in supporting the BT. Would have no interest in reading them anyway. They don’t care about the total misery etc., that the policy has caused.

    So, there you go. TOTALLY POINTLESS!!

    1. Following on from your advise to me yesterday, I didn’t know I had a right to appeal or is that where the DHA comes into play?
      Many thanks.

  3. it isnt peoples real stories. they just edit it and make it different so yeah its pointless. but it would be good if people could put their real stories up somewhere in their own words

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