Spare Bedroom Gov? It’s Toryideological

Anyone recall the Tories saying the bedroom tax tenant should not have what the hardworking taxpayer cannot afford as rationale for the despised bedroom tax?

So how about Tory official policy being to give a home owner wanting a spare bedroom £140,000 free of charge to do that?

Yes that is official government policy as they admit themselves here on the government’s promoted Help to Buy page!


This promotion of the Help to Buy scheme exposes the duplicity and hypocrisy of the bedroom tax rationale as the Tories are giving ‘Lucy’ up to £140k so she can have a further and spare bedroom.

Put another way the Tories are charging 176 tenants the average bedroom tax of £15.29 per week for a year in order to give existing home owner Lucy a spare bedroom free of charge – and as Lucy herself admits she couldn’t afford this extra and spare bedroom but now she can thanks to this Tory ideological largesse with the hardworking taxpayer’s money!

The advert for Help to Buy begins:

A house buyer from Warrington found she was able to afford a bigger home than she expected without compromising her lifestyle after discovering the benefits of Help to Buy.

Existing home owner Lucy likes this as you would imagine…

 “When I looked at the numbers I realised I could afford to step up from a three to a four-bedroom house and still enjoy the lifestyle that I had before.

“I didn’t want to overstretch myself to buy a four-bedroom house and then not be able to afford to go out or go on holiday, and Help to Buy has enabled me to have that balance.”

How nice for existing home owner Lucy all you other hardworking taxpayers and Lucy concludes:

“It’s great to have the extra space with a bigger home – the kitchen and dining area is where I’ll be spending most of my time and it’s around twice the size of what I had before.”

So not only has the Tories given ‘hardworking taxpayer’  and existing home owner Lucy up to £140k free to have a spare bedroom, she can now wallow in a much bigger kitchen and dining room too!

That’s Toryideological!

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5 thoughts on “Spare Bedroom Gov? It’s Toryideological

  1. Austerity is a hate-crime – a crime motivated by prejudice, typically one involving violence.
    The violence may be psychological, but it is directed towards only one section of society.
    It is a pity that most of the legal profession seem to vote Tory, because I am sure some smart, fast-talking lawyer could make a name for himself by taking the Government to court on on behalf of the oppressed masses AND winning!
    There used to pride expressed at the sanctity of British Justice, but. British Justice is only for the British, and the British are the Elite, the British are the rulers – there is little justice for the English, let alone the Scottish and Welsh.

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